DBMS Database Management System

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database management system.
query language.
structured query blanguage.
database design, store, update retrive data.
DDL data defination language. define structure (tubular form). eg create
DML Data manupulation language. systex to manupalate data, insert delete update, truncate, alter
DCL DAta control language, access specification, grant, revoke.

Truncate only erase values, structure remain same. only for table.
delete individual element and tables.

Oracal Database Express Eddition

only one comand at a time.

Some commands:
create table t(id int, name varchar);

insert into t values(1, "test");
insert into t(id, name) values(2, "test2");

select * from t;
select id,name from t;
select * from t where id = 1;
select id from t where id = 1;5:52 AM 12/23/2002

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